Stranded woman attacked while changing flat tyre

A UITENHAGE mother has been attacked while she was changing a flat tyre along Swartkops Road.

Sanet Moolman, 46, described yesterday how she landed up in Netcare Cuyler Hospital after being pistol- whipped and stabbed by three men near the Perseverance turn-off on Sunday night.

The mother-of-three said from her hospital bed she had gone to the Boardwalk in Summerstrand at about 5pm and was headed home at about 9pm when she felt her BMW "pulling".

"I stopped to see if it was a flat and took out the spare wheel, jack and wheel spanner. I was praying that nobody would stop. I saw a red car, a VW make, either a new shape Golf or a new shape Polo stop on the other side of the road.

"I was kneeling, starting to loosen the wheel when they came from behind. I got a glimpse of them. Two of the men were walking towards me and the third was walking a short distance behind them.

"They looked as if they were in their late 20s or early 30s.

"As I got up and turned towards them, I felt that I had hit my head against the door."

Moolman said she was not sure when she lost consciousness, but remembered being hit with a pistol. "Then they started to stab me, but it turned out to be a cut.

"I must have moved out of the way. I suppose they were searching for something and found nothing and left. I only had coins in my purse," she said.

A couple – who by yesterday had left for London and could not be reached – found Moolman lying next to her car.

"I woke up and heard a woman tell me to lie still. She had basic medical training. Her husband called the police and ambulance," she said.

"They came to see me this morning [yesterday]."

Moolman said this was not the first time she had been attacked – in October 2009 she was left for dead when her throat was slit after a foiled hijacking.

"I can't believe it happened a second time. I feel numb."

Police are investigating a case of attempted murder.

Anyone with information can contact Detective Warrant Officer Tertius Ferreira on 082-441-7828.


  • Do not pull over on isolated badly lit roads at any time of the night. Instead, put your emergency lights on and drive slowly to the closest populated area for assistance.

  • If you are forced to stop on the side of the road due to mechanical problems, call 10111 and a friend and ask for help. Do not get out of the vehicle until more people arrive.

  • Ensure that someone knows your exact location when you stop.

  • On stopping lock your doors and do not open until help arrives.

  • Make sure you know the location and condition of your spare tyre.

  • Always carry pepper spray as a precautionary measure

  • If you are changing a car tyre ensure you are highly visible, preferably by wearing a reflective vest.

  • Consider carrying a small torch in your car for emergencies.

  • Always ensure your cellphone is charged when driving in order to be able to call for help. – Gareth Wilson