Cassper Nyovest says he'll give Slik Talk an extra 100k if he knocks him out

Cassper Nyovest confident he will beat Slik Talk in their boxing match.
Cassper Nyovest confident he will beat Slik Talk in their boxing match.
Image: Instagram/ Cassper Nyovest

Rapper Cassper Nyovest can't wait to get into the boxing ring with controversial YouTuber Slik Talk and he's ready to put his money where his mouth is. 

After weeks of going back and forth to settle contractual demands, after Cassper offered Slik Talk R100k to engage in a boxing match with him, the date of the much anticipated event has been given as December 22. 

The rapper took to his Twitter timeline on Wednesday confidently doubling the stakes saying if Slik Talk manages to knock him out, he'll be throwing in an extra R100k.

“I can put my money where my mouth is ... if Slik Talk knocks me out, I'll give him an extra 100 thousand. Dec 22nd, we about to give yall a show. This one is for all the people Slik Talk has ever disrespected. For everyone who been cyber bullied!!" he wrote.

While Cassper Nyovest has dedicated the boxing match to every person who's been cyberbullied by Slik Talk, the YouTuber's recent comments about the rapper's relationship with Amanda du Pont — amid rape and abuse allegations she made against Jub Jub — struck a nerve.

“This dude keeps giving me more and more reason to knock his head off. Such a disgusting human being. O tlo ny*la Slik talk, I swear! Can't wait to see you in the ring you ugly piece of sh*t! You signed the contract, I hope you don't run now!!" he wrote.