WATCH | Miss SA runner-up Thato Mosehle’s father jokes he may charge R5m for her lobola

Thato Mosehle's dad wont let go of his princes that easily.
Thato Mosehle's dad wont let go of his princes that easily.
Image: Willem Botha/Miss SA

Newly engaged Miss Supranational SA Thato Mosehle's father left the Miss SA runner up in stitches recently when he joked he would ask for R5m from her husband-to-be's family for her lobola.

The hilarious video taken from the beauty queen's Instagram Live, and shows Thato and her dad having a lighthearted chat about the right “bride” price.

The beauty queen recently became engaged to the love of her life, and in African culture the family of the boyfriend needs to offer lobola to his soon to be in-laws. 

Thato laughed as her father explained that people went as far as asking for R30m and that R5m wasn't that much.

Watch a snippet from the video below:

The model and medical doctor later took to her Instagram Stories and shared her views on lobola, saying it’s supposed to be a gesture, and no-one needs to break the bank to pay lobola. 

“Remember you cannot put a price on anyone’s life and lobola is not meant to sell the girls. It's just like a gesture. We cannot put a price on anyone. The only price that can pay for me is the blood of Jesus, and we don’t know when Jesus is coming back .”

She said someone's worth was very hard to calculate, and no-one can quantify the value.

“We cannot expect people to break their banks in the name of lobola based on whatever calculations or algorithms people think you are worth because you can never reach the prize so that’s why I'm saying just make it reasonable gesture, and be happy.”