Vth Season slams tweeps’ ‘insensitivity’ after Ami Faku’s viral ‘banana shoes’ video

Raphael Benza asked people to be more sensitive about artists’ mental health

Ami Faku had tweeps scrambling to understand why she wore a pair of kicks the wrong way.
Ami Faku had tweeps scrambling to understand why she wore a pair of kicks the wrong way.
Image: Supplied

Songstress Ami Faku made it to the Twitter trends list on Wednesday when a video clip of her started circulating on the TL. 

In the video, Ami is seen on stage wearing Nike sneakers the wrong way around (left shoe on the right foot and right shoe on the left foot).

The video trended for laughs on Twitter, and while it seems harmless for most tweeps, her management lambasted people who are continuing to circulate the video, labelling them as “insensitive”.

TshisaLIVE spoke to Raphael Benza of Vth Season management, where Ami is signed.

While he did not explain what was happening in the viral video, he expressed his disappointment at the disregard for the mental health of artists and criticised the media for its “lack of empathy”. 

“I think what's happening is the disregard for mental health of people and artists over the past 18 months. It's ridiculous, harmful and insensitive for a media house to repeating or report it when artists are going through a lot of stress mentally.”

Raphael has slammed the people who shot the video, and those are contributing to it going viral on the net.

“What these people did by sharing the video is complete disregard and they are heartless. If they enjoy it and it makes them feel redeemed, then they must do what they do, but when we get our artists involved it's a very sensitive time. Artists have gone through a lot in the past 18 months and we need to be concerned about their mental health issues. ”

Raphael said Ami has protected her space on social media, and he expected people to approach the matter with care and sensitivity.

“You know Ami  is one artist who does not really exist in social media. She is someone who guards her space and energy. If you've know her over the past two years you would know  she protects her space.”