SNAPS | Inside Moshe Ndiki and the birls’ island vacation in Zanzibar

Moshe Ndiki is living his best life with his besties on holiday.
Moshe Ndiki is living his best life with his besties on holiday.
Image: Instagram/Moshe Ndiki

As “year end fatigue” creeps up on most people, media personality Moshe Ndiki and his besties have taken time out to live their best lives in Zanzibar.

Coining the hashtag “DeMoMacation”, Moshe and his besties Jack and Debbie have been serving friendship goals since they landed on the picturesque island.

From wearing matching satin PJs to rocking the cutest beachwear, the trio has been serving content.

Check out some snaps below:

The time out is certainly well-deserved for Rea Tsotella guest host who has been hard at work these past few months ensuring his business ventures take off.

Six months ago Moshe joined Somizi and J'Something as a budding celebrity chef by opening his own eatery.

The star took to his social media platforms to announce the news, sharing that after five years of hard work, the star has finally achieved his dream.

He has named the restaurant Moshe’s Kitchen  and shared his hopes that those who eat at it will get “a taste of love”.

“Get your coins and taste buds ready. Something I’ve worked hard on for the past five years just to get it right, self-funded and my dream come true!” wrote Moshe.

The media personality has also launched a range of cooking spices.