Reason responds to ‘Amapiano Hip-Hop Cypher’ backlash

Reason sheds light on his fallout with Moozlie.
Reason sheds light on his fallout with Moozlie.
Image: Instagram/ Reason

Reason, aka Sizwe Alakine, does not want to be crucified for anything other than the quality of his bars.

Reacting to a comment made by a fan who scolded him for participating in MTV Base’s Amapiano Hip-Hop Cypher, Reason said he had always been a a part of cyphers and would not stop.

“I didn’t know it would be called that. But I also don’t understand why you would want to crucify me for it being called that. I’m not MTV Base. I did what I’ve always done, which is to rap on their cyphers. Don’t involve me in anything else but the quality of rap,” he wrote. 

The rapper is one of several artists accused of leaving hip-hop for dead and “jumping ship” for amapiano, but hit back at the criticism.

In a note to late hip-hop legends HHP and Pro Kid, Reason said they had effortlessly merged hip-hop with the “kasi culture”.

“You guys taught us to take this rap s**t, and blend it with our own sounds for our people to love and enjoy us so much that they would embrace us when we take it to the world. You guys effortlessly brought American hip-hop culture and kasi culture together. We loved you for it. Respected you for it. We even gave you awards and screamed your songs at the top of our lungs for it. Yet, today we argue,”  he wrote.