Dr Malinga: 'Just because I'm old doesn't mean I won’t fight my battles'

Dr Malinga warns fans about choosing sides.
Dr Malinga warns fans about choosing sides.
Image: Instagram/ Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga has warned his fans against picking sides without understanding his feud with DJ Maphorisa. 

The singer took to Facebook Live on Thursday responding to the backlash he had received over the Twitter post he made recently asking DJ Maphorisa to apologise for threatening  his life. 

“It's not a matter of age ... Just because I'm old doesn't mean I won't fight my battles. I fight my battles while I'm also an adult ... if you come with sh*t, I'll answer you with sh*t. I'm a very very good guy. Those who know me will tell you I'm a very very good man. I don't take sh*t for granted ... I come with sh*t,” he said. 

Dr Malinga went on to warn fans who don't know the full story, they should not choose Maphorisa's side merely because he's a renowned DJ and producer. 

“You don't know what happened between me and Maphorisa ... Between me and Maphorisa, there's no-one who is wrong [and] there's no-one who is right because you don't know what happened. We know ... he didn't explain anything."

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about what transpired between him and the DJ on the socials, Dr Malinga said he wanted an apology from DJ Maphorisa and had attempted to reach out to him. 

“He's acting like a gangster now. I could open a case against him any time I want but I'm waiting for him to apologise. If he doesn't apologise I have to open a case. I won't be threatened to be killed. If someone kills me with a gun, people will think it's him. He's busy jeopardising what he worked hard for. He worked very hard to mention guns. We don't have to be like that,” he said.

However, it remains unclear what the root of their beef is.