‘I don’t hate you, I never will’ - Khanyi Mbau tells ‘Dubai bae’ Kudzai on IG

Kudzai Mushonga and Khanyi Mbau's relationship has hogged headline since August 2021.
Kudzai Mushonga and Khanyi Mbau's relationship has hogged headline since August 2021.
Image: Khanyi Mbau/ Instagram

After going viral for making fun of her Dubai situation - where she up and left her boyfriend Kudzai high and dry - media personality Khanyi Mbau has taken to her Instagram to let her “estranged” bae know that she's got nothing but love for him.

Even though Kudzai has alluded to fights and “neglect” having led to Khanyi's abrupt departure from Dubai, Khanyi has never shared her reasons for leaving Kudzai.

However, it seems as if the media personality is prepared to bury the hatchet and, while it isn't clear if she intends to reignite her relationship with the now Dubai-based Zimbabwean businessman, Khanyi has made it clear that she harbours no ill feelings for the man.

Khanyi took to her Instagram Stories to share a cosy picture of her and Kudzai.

Accompanied by lyrics of a love song, Khanyi wrote that she does not hate Kudzai, in fact she never will. She further encouraged him to “laugh” at their situation, and insinuated that it is all part of learning and growing.

“I don't hate you. I never will ... Now laugh, I am ... We grow and learn.”

Actress Khanyi Mbau's IG screenshot.
Actress Khanyi Mbau's IG screenshot.
Image: Instagram/Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi topped the Twitter trends list and left Mzansi hot and bothered after a video of her having the time of her life at a club where she was mocking her Dubai situation and chanting “shiyi'indoda eDubai” went viral.

In the video Khanyi can be seen dancing and hyping up the clubgoers.

With the song Umsebenzi Wethu playing in the background, Khanyi chanted, “shiyi'indoda eDubai. Uhambe ngathi uyabuya”, which translates to “leave that man alone in Dubai. Leave as if you're coming back”.

Meanwhile, Kudzai doesn't seem too bothered to be the subject of mockery when it comes from his “Mrs K”.

The Zimbabwean businessman complimented Khanyi, telling her how beautiful she looked and declaring his love for her, as the actress trended for “shiyi'indoda eDubai”.