MaMkhize on hopes that Royal AM will win soon: 'Victory is sweetest when you know defeat'

Shauwn Mkhize believes that without defeat, one won't see the glory and victory of a win.
Shauwn Mkhize believes that without defeat, one won't see the glory and victory of a win.
Image: Instagram/ Shauwn Mkhize

Businesswoman and reality TV star Shauwn Mkhize was feeling in high spirits and felt hopeful for a win for her football club Royal AM in light of their match against Cape Town City, which ended in defeat.

After the loss of their latest match against Swallows, the Royal AM president felt hopeful for her boys as they faced off against Cape Town City on Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s Match Day for us Royal AM. While the team has been adjusting to changes and learning to work together, we have one goal and that is to win!”

She said that the team has learnt a lesson or two from their last match and will be better prepared for their next matchup.

“We’ve learnt from our first game and are better prepared for this one. In my experience I’ve learnt that victory is sweetest when you've known defeat. To my boys, go out there and do your best, I believe in you boys! Royal AM Phambili!” she wrote.

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Subsequently, Cape Town City stole the show with a triumph over Royal AM with a score of 2-1.

The team's losing streak has been the topic of the star's most recent posts.  Just last week her football team lost to Swallows FC in their DStv premiership encounter at the Dobsonville Stadium. 

After the loss, Shauwn took to Instagram, saying the match was not the worst considering the abrupt changes in the team. 

“For the team assembled in four days without a preseason, to hold one of the strongest teams [in the league] for 92 minutes, was not a bad start. Lack of concentration in the dying minutes has cost us one point, we will take it and learn from our mistakes,” she wrote.