Luyanda Potwana goes back to school after doing matric 20 years ago

“This is my first time ever at a tertiary institution,” said the TV presenter.

Luyanda Potwana goes back to school.
Luyanda Potwana goes back to school.
Image: Instagram/ Luyanda Potwana

Luyanda Potwana has made the brave decision to go back to school after 20 years and he's proud of himself for taking up the challenge.

The Nyan 'Nyan presenter took to Instagram to share the news that he's taking up studies at the University of London. He said it was his first time enrolling at a university since completing his grade 12 studies. 

Finally! I’ve been accepted! I’m now a student for the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (BSc in Psychology) at University of London, UK.

“This is literally my first time ever at a tertiary, since completing my matric 20 years ago — and it had to be at the age of 39, at University of London, one of the top 20 highest ranking universities globally ... If there’s a man to pray — then there’s a God to answer!” he wrote.

Luyanda has been vocal about his endeavour to pursue Clinical Psychology (MPhil) and Neuro Psychology (PhD). The reality relationship-themed show he presents on SABC1 has also added to his desire to understand the human mind and relationships.

In February this year, Luyanda revealed that he undertook a spiritual journey and had accepted his ancestral calling.

“You know me as a South African television host. However, this is a side of me that is unknown to the public. My ancestral spiritual calling. After all, I am my ancestors — and my ancestors are me ...

"I kept this away from social media, not because I was ashamed of it — I just wanted to walk the journey quietly. However, it is now time to reintroduce me,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Camagu kuManywabe, ooGatyeni, ooMamali ooNdondela, ooNkomo-Zibomvu. Camagu kuMaqwathi, kuMavala, ooDikela, ooNoni,...

Posted by Luyanda Potwana on Tuesday, February 23, 2021