Refilwe Modiselle celebrates Thembi Seete for her kindness and lasting star power

Refilwe Modiselle only has praise for actress Thembi Seete!
Refilwe Modiselle only has praise for actress Thembi Seete!
Image: Instagram/Refilwe Modiselle

SA model Refilwe Modiselle has praised fellow star Thembi Seete, recalling an inspiring moment with the actress when she was starting out as a young star.

This comes after City Press claimed that the actress had “escaped eviction” after paying R50,000 in arrears to avoid losing her home in Johannesburg. The article left Mzansi celebs in an uproar for “not reading the room”, leading to many cheering on Thembi.

White Gold star Refilwe Modiselle took to Twitter to share her positive and uplifting moment with Thembi. 

When Refilwe was an 18-year-old and young in the industry, Thembi had just finished performing and, when she got off the stage, approached Refilwe and called her beautiful. In a world where she says society has called her ugly, the compliment touched Refilwe's heart.

“The most cool calm collected and hardworking soul. Loved her since the get go. When I was 18 she'd just got off stage from performing and spotted me and said, 'Oh my God baby, do you know how beautiful you are'? This touched my soul for a girl called ugly by society, Thembi Seete” said Refilwe.

She went on to talk about working alongside the star in many projects and said her spirit has remained uplifted through the tough times. 

“Over the years it's always been, kindred love. She even gave me my nickname to her 'Glow'. We got to work on Tell Me Sweet Something together. In all her elevations her spirit has kept a consistency. You are loved dearly, sis. For the legend, you are: thank you, Godly,” she tweeted.

Refilwe has been open about the obstacles she has faced as a person with albinism.

Last year, the star started a conversation online about what it means to be black.

The actress, who had scooped an international award for her acting in the film White Gold, at the time spoke to TshisaLIVE about the importance of being allowed to tell African stories as an African living with albinism.

“The mindset of people has to be changed because (now) we are taught that for you (to qualify) as a black child, you have to have really dark brown skin or a certain shade of brown ... but to be acknowledged by your society and seen for who you are, as a black person living with albinism is important. We should not be sidelined, because at the end of the day, I am still proud of my heritage and who I am as an African.” said Refilwe.