Norma Mngoma is collaborating on a book? Yes, but it's not about what you think it might be

Norma Mngoma. File photo.
Norma Mngoma. File photo.
Image: Supplied

Businesswoman, philanthropist, designer, and now author? 

Norma Mngoma has teased about the launch of her forthcoming book in collaboration with motivational speaker and author Tracey Reign. 

The book, titled The South African Dream, features prominent figures from various spheres of influence. 

According to Norma, The South African Dream will be an educational book “set to empower and educate, while being a vehicle for so much more”. 

The launch date of the book remains unknown.

“I'm so excited to announce my collaboration and intellectual contribution to The South African Dream Project with Tracey Reign and other powerful leaders of great impact,” Norma wrote on Instagram. 

“Tracey, you are an example of many women that remain rising. I have no words but you have my support as a young ambitious woman. A star in any room that you stand in. Count down to the launch begins.”

This will be Tracey's second book after the release of Black Colours Of The Rainbow.

News about the book comes just weeks after Norma announced that she was venturing into the fashion industry, teasing about a clothing line.

She shared a video of a gold sequin bomber jacket on social media, saying it was “from my hands”.

The video was accompanied by an announcement that her clothing label was coming soon.

“Clothing label loading,” said Mngoma, without revealing more.