Khanyi Mbau slams pregnancy rumours: ‘I’m just bloated bathong!’

Khanyi Mbau has assured her fans she and her bae Kudzai Mushonga are not expecting a child.
Khanyi Mbau has assured her fans she and her bae Kudzai Mushonga are not expecting a child.
Image: Khanyi Mbau via Instagram.

Media personality Khanyi Mbau has poured cold water on speculation that she is pregnant  after a picture she posted on Instagram led fans to believe she has a baby bump. 

Khanyi had to stop the rumour mill in its tracks as fans got into gear to throw her a baby shower. 

In the sun-kissed picture, Khanyi is seen wearing a mini sparkling silver dress and knee-length snakeskin boots, but all fans could see was a young bulge around her stomach area.

Khanyi had originally posted the snap with the word “Monopeachi” as her caption,  but as soon as the comments came rolling in with fans asking her if she is pregnant, Khanyi edited the caption to add clarity.

“(I’m) bloated not pregnant bathong!” she said with a crying laugh emoji before adding, “Woooh family planning nurses out on the loose.”

Even though Khanyi made it loud and clear there was no need for the baby shower planning, that didn’t stop fans from making their wishes known.

Umithi vele... Joking you’d still look gorgeous,” said one fan.

“Can you please get pregnant for your boyfriend. I want to see how cute ya’ll baby’s gonna be. I'll be the nanny. I love you,” said another.

Khanyi and her Zimbabwean bae Kudzai Mushonga’s romance got tongues wagging after the pair started posting about each other on their Instagram earlier this year.

Initially, Kudzai’s face was hidden or blurry in the post on Khanyi’s IG TL, but last week the actress posted clearer, more cosy pictures that confirmed to Mzansi she was romantically linked to the Zimbabwean  millionaire. 

Kudzai is known to be part of the Zimbabwean “rich gangs” of men under 40 who drive high-end luxury cars, party in SA by night but sleep in Harare in the wee hours because they have access to private jets, rented or owned.

The pair have since served Mzansi with tons of content that screams #CoupleGoals and #LoveLivesHere among other lovey-dovey hashtags. They have also launched a business together and continue to post loved-up IG snaps living their best lives together.