Lady Zamar says a mindset shift can change your life

Lady Zamar has some advice for fans on how to change their lives.
Lady Zamar has some advice for fans on how to change their lives.
Image: Via Lady Zamar's Instagram

Singer-songwriter Lady Zamar has taken to social media with some advice for her beloved fans on how they can make well-needed improvements to their lives.

Opening up on Twitter the Collide hitmaker said that when it comes to taking life by the horns, it's all about getting your mindset to change to see positive change. 

“You create your life by the thoughts you think ... change your mind, change your life!” she wrote.

The star has taken to social media in the past to speak her mind on topics about mental health and body positivity.

Weighing in on the body positivity and self-love debate earlier this year, Lady Zamar hit back at those who shame others for how they look, saying that comes from a place of personal contention. 

“Body shamers usually have body issues they haven’t dealt with themselves,” said Lady Zamar. 

She went on to lament how many people don't have much love for themselves. She  advised these shamers to sit back and reflect on their own issues with their body image before attacking others. 

“I always feel sorry for people who bully others ... it’s sad seeing how many people lack self-love.

“Change your perspective ... defensive responses are in themselves reflectors of your insecurities,” she wrote.

To her tweet about changing one's mindset, Lady Zamar's fans chimed in, praising their star for her insight and wisdom.

Here are some of the responses from Twitter: