WATCH | Zodwa Wabantu checks into rehab to 'explore', says she’s tired of alcohol

The star said she has checked into rehab to get help.
The star said she has checked into rehab to get help.
Image: Instagram/Zodwa Wabantu

Socialite Zodwa Wabantu has revealed she voluntarily checked herself into a rehabilitation centre in Durban because she's “tired” of consuming alcohol.

Through a video on Instagram, Zodwa explained she wanted to “explore” what it felt like to receive treatment as she was tired of her drinking lifestyle. 

“Good morning guys, to my doctor, ngiyaziletha kuwe (I am bringing myself to you) ... I am f****** tired and another thing, I think I am coming for the rehab, rehab for alcohol ngihlezi ngidakwa (I am always getting drunk).

“But I am there to learn about the rehab, I am coming to explore,” Zodwa said.

The star also asked her friends not to disturb her with calls while she undergoes treatment, as she has gone home to Durban from Joburg to relax. 

“Please guys, Durban friends: do not call me, it’s my journey. I am tired; I am tired of alcohol, even now I am drunk and I have a hangover but I am coming to Durban to relax ... I am tired,” said Zodwa.

Health is often at the forefront of Zodwa's activism. The star recently used her platform to educate fans about HIV/Aids. After stirring up a fiery debate online about the illness and ARV treatment, Zodwa spoke to TshisaLIVE about how whenever she does something that ignites a “controversial” debate, people would understand where she's coming from and that's what motivates her to keep pushing the envelope on matters such as HIV/Aids.

“People will go to their separate corners and die. They will do things like not take pills that can save their lives or do things always carrying the expectations of society on their shoulders, like a burden they can’t put down. I don’t understand that. I could never live that way and I’m lucky that my personal community is filled with people who understand my way of life and love me as I am,” she said.