Mariechan grateful for life after surviving smash and grab attack

Songstress Mariechan was traumatised by the crime.
Songstress Mariechan was traumatised by the crime.
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Songstress Mariechan was left traumatised but grateful to be alive after she survived a smash and grab attack on Monday night.

The singer took to Instagram to share the scary event that happened when she took the Beyers Naudé Drive off-ramp after 10pm.

Mariechan admitted she never thought something like this would happen to her.

“We never think it will happen to us until it does,” her post began.

“This post is for all drivers, female or male. Please be cautious on all off-ramps. I took the  Beyers Naudé Drive off-ramp last night to head home after leaving a friend’s place around 10pm. I’m a very vigilant driver and keep windows and doors locked but still didn’t see this coming.”

Mariechan said she stopped for a red traffic light and reached down for her cellphone cable while she waited for the light to change to green, and what happened next left her disorientated for a few seconds.

“I reached down for my phone cable caught in the groove of the passenger seat for a split second and heard the loudest smash and glass shattering on my right side. I was disoriented for a few seconds and thought maybe a car drove into me but quickly realised it was not the case when a man leaned over me with his upper body through the window trying to get in the car while scuffling for my belongings."

The singer said she couldn't make out the thug's face because it was dark. She tried to fight him off and screamed her lungs out while she hooted, hoping someone would help.

“It was dark so I couldn’t see his face well but remember trying to fight him off and keep him out my car. I screamed hysterically and hooted at cars but it was futile. During the scuffle he had put my car in Neutral (I drive an automatic). Fortunately the gearbox light was the only light I could see so I managed to quickly shift it to “Drive” mode and quickly put foot down all the way on the accelerator even when my hands couldn’t reach the steering wheel proper as I was still scuffling with him. That was my saving grace. I successfully got away as he lost grip and fell out of the car. I quickly got control of the steering wheel and swerved into a lane and continued to sped off in complete shock.” 

Reflecting on the scary experience, Mariechan expressed her regret for not listening to her friend and sleeping over at their place instead of driving alone at night. She thanked God for life and that nothing of value was taken during the incident.

“Crying hysterically I looked around for my belongings but couldn’t see them, I was just happy that I was alive and in one piece. As I got closer to home I switched on the car light and saw my purse still clenched between my thighs and my phone stuck between my seat and the gearbox. My bag was still on the floor of the passenger side so he didn’t manage to get anything because of my quick reaction.”

See snaps of her damaged car below and read her full caption:

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