Anele says it's important to love your children in the right way

Anele Mdoda knows a thing or to two about teaching kids empathy!
Anele Mdoda knows a thing or to two about teaching kids empathy!
Image: Instagram/Anele

Radio host Anele Mdoda has dropped some pearls of wisdom on raising children to become loving people.

Musician Lvovo tweeted about his frustrations over the “state” of the world. With the pandemic leaving people with very few moments of love and celebration, the star believes there will be less and less genuine relationships in future.

“Our kids will never know what true love feels like. Genuine connections. Pure love. Already right now if u don't have money you have it tough in love. Imagine how things will be like in 20 years!” said Lvovo.

However, Anele took this as a challenge, bringing up her fire parenting handbook for this response. The star said that despite the darkness in the world, children can learn to develop healthy and loving relationships if adults show them the way.

“If you love your kids right, they will know what true love is and they will be able to identify, feel and give it,” said Anele.

Being a great mom is at the top of the list of priorities for the star. 

She opened up recently about the male role models in her five-year-old son's life. Anele believes that it's important for Alakhe to grow up around men who could influence his life for the better.

She also encouraged people to help out single parents in their lives.

“I have such a strong unit of men who always surrounding Alakhe helping me shape & raise him. It's so necessary, even if Alakhe's dad was not active (which he is), it would suck but my unit would have me. What I'm saying is if you have a friend & there is an absent parent ... jump in,” tweeted Anele.

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