Pearl Thusi on why she doesn’t have sex toys

“Low key I think they’re gross but I suspect I’m just more afraid because can’t take those types of risks with two kids in the house, lol!”

Pearl Thusi believes her children are the reason she doesn't own sex toys.
Pearl Thusi believes her children are the reason she doesn't own sex toys.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Thusi

While she doesn't get the big fuss over sex toys, actress Pearl Thusi has revealed that her children are the main reason she doesn't own such “pleasurable” objects.

The actress, who has recently been sparking all kinds of conversations on Twitter, has once again stirred things up with her comments on sex toys.

Pearl posed a question to her followers, asking whether they were “into sex toys” and revealed that she “low key I think they’re gross”.

She then went on to explain that the other reason could be her fear of her two daughters finding her sex devices in the house.

As Pearl explained her biggest fear about having sex toys, a tweep confirmed how risky it was to own such toys with a hilarious video of a schoolboy holding his mother's “rocket ship” at his school's show and tell.

Though many of her followers encouraged Pearl not to let her children get in the way of her owning such toys, days ago the actress engaged her fans in a rather more serious topic about gender equality in SA.

Still remaining firm on her stance that SA isn't all about gender equality, the actress took to Twitter and ignited a conversation on how females always get the raw end of the deal.

She then posed a question to tweeps, asking if equality meant women should remove all expectations [financially] regarding men. Would they still be in support of it?

This was based on women being given the same job opportunities and salaries as men.

Pearl's question came after her statement that men always seem to get away with things that women can't.

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