WATCH | Trevor Noah shares hilarious vid of South Africans being roasted for not wearing masks

Trevor Noah shared a hilarious video of South Africans getting roasted by the police for not wearing masks.
Trevor Noah shared a hilarious video of South Africans getting roasted by the police for not wearing masks.
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SA-born comedian Trevor Noah has taken to his Daily Show to show American audiences how wearing a mask in Africa is a very serious thing.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still causing havoc across the world, Trevor has shared how life under the “new normal”, such as wearing masks in public, was not taken lightly, especially in SA and Africa at large.

Taking to The Daily Show Twitter account, Trevor shared a snippet of his segment where he comments on a hilarious video of a police officer telling a SA citizen to return to his house for not wearing a mask.

In the snippet, Trevor can be heard saying, “If Americans think that the rules of this country are too strict, Americans needs to see how social distancing is being enforced in some other countries around the globe ...

“For example, if you're upset that people give you dirty looks when you go outside without a mask, imagine that instead of that, the police pull up in their cars and then roast you through their PA system ... because that's what's going on in SA.” 

In the now-viral video, a female police officer can be heard telling a male citizen to return home “with his Covid-19", seeing that he wasn't wearing a mask. “Wear a mask on your face, we want to see a mask on your face ..." the officer can be heard saying after she pulled up in the police van.

She then asked the man how he could leave his house without wearing a mask.

Trevor told the audience that the police and military were tasked with enforcing the rules of the lockdown which, according to him, was a “recipe for disaster”, as he made fun of SA's law and order practices.  

The comedian added that SA's harsh “mask justice” was not as hectic as that of Rwanda's. 

In a clip as part of the segment, Rwandans who broke the curfew or who were caught not wearing a mask told how they were sent to stadiums for long overnight lectures about the dangers of the virus.

One of the Rwandans who spoke on camera explained why he was brought to the stadium.

“I was in the shop I work in, my mask was on my chin, then the police found me in my shop and said, 'you're not wearing your mask right'. Then I got in the car and they told me that they were taking me to a place to teach me how to wear a mask,” the man said, revealing what a serious offence it is not to wear a mask in Rwanda.  

Trevor sarcastically then told Americans how lucky they were not to be living in countries like those in Africa where wearing a mask is a serious thing.

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