Devlin’s new book packed with spiritual, cultural and scientific wisdom

Port Elizabeth author Elizabeth Devlin launches her new book on Sunday
SHARING INSIGHTS: Port Elizabeth author Elizabeth Devlin launches her new book on Sunday

Port Elizabeth author Elizabeth Devlin launches her new book, Enneagram Ancient Stories for Modern Living, on Sunday at the Association of Creative Thought in Walmer.

Devlin is at heart a “Cantadora” or “Ciko” (storyteller) who brings insights to the Enneagram, weaving in stories conveying spiritual, cultural and scientific wisdom.

The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions.

Her book explains how and why people experience life differently as each is designed to perceive specific information while filtering out other aspects.

She shares her insights on why she believes the Enneagram has proved to be such an exciting and essential map to understanding ourselves from a deeper space, what is most important to us and what moves our soul.

“This is a soft and gentle storybook — it is also a strong and powerful one,” Devlin said.

“It has deep meaning as it wanders and weaves its way through our soul.

“Our true purpose, innate gifts and blessings, our strengths and weaknesses, quirks and oddities are all displayed, and this is how it should be.

“It will touch your heart if you slow down, snuggle up and find the life that lives and breathes us.”

Devlin believes that we are a gift to be given, not a problem to be solved.

“This book was instigated by my experiences whilst participating in many Enneagram workshops, mostly limited to psychological or Christian paths.

“Knowing the Enneagram to have more potential than these two options, coupled with the wisdom I have gained through spiritual practices over my lifetime, I decided to write an Enneagram book incorporating many spiritual paths and traditions,” she said.

The book launch is for her first book in The Ancient Stories trilogy.

The series will integrate three aspects, namely “religious and spiritual stories from many traditions, the Enneagram as well as scientific stories that fitted “hand in glove with spiritual stories and the Enneagram”.

Devlin began her journey in the Enneagram when she attended the Enneagram Professional Training Programme in the US in 1995 and 1996.

This was a four-part programme founded by acclaimed international Enneagram teachers Helen Palmer and David Daniels.

Palmer is a professor of psychology and the late Daniels was a professor of psychiatry at Stanford university.

Those wishing to attend the book launch in person should contact Devlin on 041-581-6580/072-658-4794 or e-mail to reserve a place.

This is essential to comply with Covid-19 safety protocols.


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