Babalwa weighs in on Orania debate: 'Sies, it makes me want to puke!'

Babalwa Mneno has some thoughts on ANC leadership.
Babalwa Mneno has some thoughts on ANC leadership.
Image: Via Instagram

Model and socialite Babalwa Mneno added her voice to the flood of questions around Orania's continued existence, expressing her disgust.  

Orania is an Afrikaner-only SA town located along the Orange River in the  Karoo region of the country’s Northern Cape province. The existence of the town has left many hot and bothered for years now, though nothing has been done about it.

Babalwa said the thought of Orania nauseated her. She said this in response to the post tweeted by politician Panyaza Lesufi about how Orania is a “betrayal of the call for a truly non racial SA”.

Sies! I just almost puked! How can ANC government allow this madness,” she said.

Babalwa isn't the first celebrity to share her thoughts on Orania, just a few weeks ago rapper Gigi Lamayne also asked how it was possible, 26 years into a democracy, for a place like Orania to exist.

As we watch #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod #BlackLivesMatters #GeorgeFloyd #JusticeforCollinsKhosa I wonder if we realise that it is now more than ever that we must assess the strength in our unity. How does Orania still exist?” she asked.