Masasa Mbangeni on knowing about Thembeka's exit for six months

Masasa Mbangeni knew for months knew that Thembeka Shezi was going to be killed.
Masasa Mbangeni knew for months knew that Thembeka Shezi was going to be killed.
Image: E.TV/ Scandal!

Actress Masasa Mbangeni has revealed she knew her character was going to be killed off six months ago. 

Masasa made a comeback to the soapie in December as she had "unfinished business" she wanted to settle. However, this is her second exit from the show after she left Scandal! in 2016.

Last Wednesday, Scandal! fans were heartbroken when popular character Thembeka Shezi-Nyaki died, sending the TL into a major frenzy.

This is after the hated but loved Thembeka was killed by her rival, Mthunzi Mayisa.

Leaving viewers deep in their feelings, as many were not ready to say goodbye, Masasa revealed to them, in a series of replies on Twitter, that she knew her character wasn't going to be on-screen for more than six months.  

She also took to Instagram and shared an ode to Thembeka  that was written by a fan.

The ode video to her most loved character left her in her feels and she captioned it: "A whole decade [on and off] playing her. Grateful for it all. Thank you everyone for the calls, tweets, WhatsApps and messages.

"My heart overflows with gratitude. I don’t know what the next adventure will be or where it will lead but I know it will find me ready! Oh the places you will go."

Earlier last week, Masasa told fans her character would not be returning to  the soapie.

“Friend, she’s really gone. Dead dead. Won’t be coming back as a ghost [they didn’t teach me how to act a ghost at Wits]. Let’s leave her be now. Let’s allow me an opportunity to play other amazing wonderful things or be a mom or be something other than her. It’s okay.”

The soapie's fans will  say their final goodbyes to Thembeka on June 18.