AKA gushes over how private his 21-year-old girlfriend is

AKA is head over heels in love.
AKA is head over heels in love.
Image: @blaq_smith/ AKA Instagram

Rapper AKA has revealed that he's loving every moment of dating a woman who isn't a celebrity for the first time in more than a decade.

He also dashed fans' hopes of seeing his mystery gal in one of his music videos, saying she was incredibly private.

After realising one of AKA's latest tracks might be a dedication to his 21-year-old love interest, the Megacy had a burning question they had to get off their chests.

AKA always raps about the women in his life and the rapper has had his girlfriends as the leading ladies in his music videos before.

Remember Queen B in The World Is Yours?

So AKA's fans wanted to know if he would have his current girlfriend make an appearance in the music video for Cross My Heart.

Not a chance. She’s very private. First non-celebrity I’ve dated since uhm 2008,” AKA said.

Fans can't be blamed for thinking AKA's girl would make an appearance in his work, considering how much he's been showing her off on the socials.

Plus AKA is clearly a man in love. His lyrics say as much.

I've been thinking 'bout you every twenty-one days/ It's kinda ironic twenty-one is your age/ I needed somebody who can give me my space” his lyrics go on Cross My Heart.

Looks like Mega finally found the one who understands what he needs.

Just witness how happy he looks.

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