Atandwa Kani living his dream in the US

Atandwa Kani talks about how working in the US is shaping his career
Atandwa Kani talks about how working in the US is shaping his career

Actor Atandwa Kani has lifted the lid on what it takes for him to live out his acting dream in the US.

With most parts of the world under lockdown and self-isolating at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kani  went on Instagram Live’s Artists Corner TV with fellow actor Thapelo Mokoena to share insight on how he was pushing his acting dream in the US.  

“I’ve always had the dream to come to New York because of the theatre.

“It’s in the US, there are a lot more opportunities, and so I started availing myself more on international work.”

Kani  said he had to be a part of many productions to get his face known in the international acting industry.  

“We did Young Leonardo, which is a BBC production, we did Life Is Wild, we did Book Of Negros with Cuba Gooding Jr, Young Mandela ... I shot Black Panther in Atlanta while I was still living in SA.

“So, I had to have that body of work for when I got here [so] people would know a little bit about me ... ’cause they haven’t seen me before, I had to start from scratch.

“It was more like a rebirth of an actor.” 

For him to understand the international market, Kani said he had to study the culture to be able to better translate it in his acting.

“And then, I enrolled at NYU [New York University], so that I can learn about American theatre, the American work, writers, directors and producers ... to learn about this particular dialect which I believe I’m trying.

“So, what I’m actually doing is planting seeds and putting all the pieces of the puzzle in one area so that I can start working on the bigger picture.”  — TimesLIVE