Fashion designer Thula Sindi weighs in on hot meals ban

Thula Sindi weighs in on the banning of hot meals amidst Covid-19.
Thula Sindi weighs in on the banning of hot meals amidst Covid-19.

Fashion designer Thula Sindi has weighed in on the government's decision to ban the sale of hot meals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The government on Monday formally banned the sale of hot cooked food, publishing it in the latest government gazette..

This is after trade and industry minister Ebrahim Patel announced last week that cooked, hot meals from supermarkets or small businesses, which were either collected in-store or delivered, were not allowed under lockdown legislation.

In an interview with 702, the department of co-operative governance and traditional affairs (Cogta) spokesperson Lungi Mtshali explained the decision was meant to reduce foot traffic and the movement of people.

With many questioning the ban of hot meals, Thula said he understood the decision was in favour of the health of the workers who prepared the hot food.

Taking to Twitter, the designer expressed how important it was for fewer people to be commuting during this pandemic which will help eliminate the increase of staff members contracting the virus.

“Tellers are already testing positive in supermarkets because they are essential and have to deal with likely infected people, now you want the food prep staff to come in as well?

"For our daily convenience? Which means more supermarket trips for daily hot meals and more staff commuting.”

Thula added that South Africans needed to understand the seriousness of the pandemic and be understanding if certain stores or outlets are meant to be closed.

“You almost want people to watch Mega Factories doccie so they see with certain plants even if a lot of it is automated there are still a lot of people necessary. And it is either you are completely open or you are totally closed.”