Hypnotist André bids farewell to sleepy Bay

André the Hilarious Hypnotist will perform at the Boardwalk in March.
André the Hilarious Hypnotist will perform at the Boardwalk in March.

Veteran comedian André the Hilarious Hypnotist brings his latest interactive comedy-hypnosis show to the Boardwalk Amphitheatre.

This production has particular sentimental value as Sleep! comes to Port Elizabeth some 25 years after André Grove and Centrestage’s Gary Hemmings first packed the Opera House together.

The show will run from from March 4-7. 

This run has been dubbed his Farewell Tour and marks the last time that the Eastern Cape will see André in his famous multi-coloured cape before he crosses shores to the UK to practise his hypnotic arts on other willing participants towards the end of the year.

André the Hilarious Hypnotist has become a household name on the SA entertainment circuit ever since his first performance at The Victory Theatre in Houghton, Johannesburg, three decades ago.

Trained by hypnosis legend Max Collie, who initially taught him the skills and techniques needed to perfect his mind-control act, André has toured regularly throughout South Africa, packing houses and ultimately expanding his act to include a number of his own signature pieces.

Falling under the spell of a comedian with hypnotic powers often evokes excitement, apprehension and curiosity in audiences and volunteers alike, but André blends his talent for persuasion with wacky comedy, a sense of the unexpected and a gentle likeability.

When in full swing, it can seem as if André has his subjects controlled on strings as he convinces them to abandon their inhibitions by impersonating sprinklers, speaking foreign languages, turning into dinosaurs or even becoming fluent in Moon-speak.

André denies having mystical or magical powers himself.

“In reality, people actually hypnotise themselves”, he says.

“All I do is offer up crazy suggestions – then logic and self-consciousness fly out the window as they convince themselves of the craziest notions – and the show is on.

“It really does depend on the individual though. Some are more susceptible to preposterous propositions than others,” he laughs, “but every night we seem to unearth some extraordinarily colourful gems.”

Sleep! is a show which will keep you wide awake and laughing hysterically throughout – unless you volunteer, in which case all bets are off!” André said.

Tickets cost R120 each for adults and R90 each for students and children under 18 on weekdays and R130/R100 on the weekends, with the lower price applicable throughout for eight or more tickets purchased.

Tickets can be purchased through Wendy on 082-6616921 or through Computicket.