WATCH | Kylie Jenner does Kim Kardashian's make-up while they talk babies & Kris Jenner's fave

Kylie Jenner wants to have four babies, like her sister, Kim Kardashian.
Kylie Jenner wants to have four babies, like her sister, Kim Kardashian.
Image: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

Kylie Jenner finally got to do sister Kim Kardashian's make-up, ending a three-year wait.

The 22-year-old shared the experience on her YouTube channel, under the theme “Get ready with me”.

The two have a lot in common, including being reality TV stars and make-up moguls, but clearly Kylie aspires to be even more like her sister.

Answering a question from a fan who asked if she wanted as many children as Mrs West, Kylie responded: “I see myself for sure having four children, I just don't know when, as I don't have a timeline to this and I don't know if I'm gonna have four children tomorrow or in seven years.”

The love they have for their children came through, as Kim revealed two things she adores about Stormy, who recently learnt how to talk.

“My favourite thing about Stormy is when she says 'yes', like it's so clear and so cute, and I just love that I can bribe her with anything.”

Asked who Kris Jenner's favourite of the sisters was, Kim said Kylie was the fave, but not because she's a billionaire, as many have speculated before.

“I think mom likes you better because you treat her the most amazing.”

Kylie did not entirely agree that she was the favourite, but did admit that she treats Kris “like the queen of the world”.