Rami Chuene highlights 10 entertainment industry struggles

Rami Chuene dropped some bombs on life in the entertainment industry.
Rami Chuene dropped some bombs on life in the entertainment industry.
Image: Rami Chuene instagram

If you're thinking of joining the entertainment industry, be warned: it can be incredibly tough.

The Queen actress Rami Chuene has been in the industry for ages and knows a few things about the struggles actors face.

And while the flashy lights and fame it brings may make it a dream job for many, Rami shared a hectic thread recently on the downside to it all.

But first, an upside.

She spoke of a time when she was booked for a campaign, but fell sick. She feared the worst when the client was told she would not be able to work, but the client was understanding and told her to rest until she was strong enough fulfil her obligations.

She returned eight days later and worked hard. When it was time to get paid, she earned her full fee and the crew was paid overtime and extra days for the time they waited for her. 

“To this day I ask myself who was this client on the other side of the phone who was crazy enough to lose money so he puts me and my health first. When I meet k*k people who think of their budget first, I remember the Cape Town client.

“At times we don’t set out to disappoint you by missing shows or appearances, but we get disrespected, undervalued and unpaid. You know how they won’t let you take a product from a shop without paying for it? Exactly. Same thing.”

Here are the 10 downsides she dropped in her thread:


Are you sure you are sick? Is it your funeral?

No voice? No problem

Everyone gets depressed

Public holidays and kids' concerts don't apply here

What do you mean you want leave?

Operations for who?

Have you gained weight?

We can't pay you, but don't leave us

Actors' rights?

We can replace you