Anele addresses hate over her cancelled Virgin Active membership

Anele Mdoda was criticised for boycotting Virgin Active gyms.
Anele Mdoda was criticised for boycotting Virgin Active gyms.
Image: Via Real Talk with Anele YouTube

Radio host Anele Mdoda has hit back at the hate she received after she went public with her decision to cancel her membership with Virgin Active.

Anele announced on Wednesday that she had terminated her relationship with the company over its decision to withdraw charges against a man caught on camera allegedly masturbating.

The company said the man needed psychological help.

While Anele made her disappointment in the decision clear and was supported by others who threatened to boycott the company in protest.

However, she was also slammed on social media.

Taking to Twitter amid the criticism, Anele said she had been called fat and told she was no loss to the company.

"Funny thing is the insults I’ve received are from black men and women calling me fat so it’s no loss to virgin active, as if fat people don’t pay the monthly fee. Bottom line is my money won’t go there anymore. It’s their business, they can keep it. Wish them the best," she said in a tweet.

Asked how she was able to get out of her contract, the star said she paid R600 for the month under which the 20-day notice period for cancellations fell.

"I honestly didn’t have any issues. They just said I must pay R600 for the one month that the 20-days notice is part of. Perhaps my contract was month-to-month," she explained.

Meanwhile, Virgin Active responded to Anele's decision, with spokesperson Carla White questioning whether "the story has run its course?".

White said: "We regret but respect her personal decision to cancel her membership."