REVIEW | Tailspin by Sandra Brown

After a slow start this suspense novel becomes an intense read

Sarah Cohen reviews Tailspin by Sandra Brown

Sometimes one can pick up a book countless times before deciding if it’s worth pushing through to the end.

The new suspense novel Tailspin, by Sandra Brown, is one of those novels I am glad I persevered with.

Although slow-going at first, Tailspin grew on me and by chapter six, I was fully immersed in this frantic tale.

Tailspin is a race against time told over a 48-hour period, meaning that once the action gets started, it makes for an intense journey with twists and turns, and a brief romance.

Rye Mallet is an ex-military cargo pilot with a reputation of doing whatever it takes to get a job done – he has a cut-throat attitude.

A client wants to get a mysterious black box transported that very night, and when Rye boards the plane to Georgia, he has absolutely no clue what lies ahead.

As his attempt at a safe landing is sabotaged, you will likely be gripping the pages tightly and find your emotions veer between sympathy and encouragement.

Then Dr Brynn O’Neal walks into the story and her motives and agenda are questionable right from the start.

The reader will also stumble upon a few surprises in this multi-faceted and well-developed mystery.

I’ve not read any of Brown’s other novels but if they are as captivating as Tailspin, I’ll be looking out for them.

  • Tailspin by Sandra Brown is published by Hodder & Stoughton