Surprise! Connell Cruise is a daddy to a baby boy

Connell Cruise is a dad now.
Connell Cruise is a dad now.
Image: Connell Cruise via Instagram

Singer Connell Cruise and his wife Sarah Dunham are parents to their first baby and Connell took to Instagram to share a beautiful silhouette snap as an announcement.

The singer, who got hitched in New York to his sweetheart Sarah in 2016, welcomed their son Ivor Wright Kingsburgh. He shared just how proud and happy his son's arrival had made him and his wife.

"I've been offline for a minute, I know, but it's been for the best of reasons... our son, Ivor Wright Kingsburgh. Couldn't be happier, couldn't be prouder!" he wrote.

In the same way Connell shocked fans with the arrival of his son, the singer pulled a similar stunt when he took to Instagram to announce he had married his fiancée Sarah while in New York.

After being offline for a while Connell took to Instagram at the time to share his newly-wed joy.

"I know I've been real quiet lately, I'm sorry if I've worried some of you! It's only because these last few weeks have flown by like a whirlwind and I wanted to live every moment of them through my own eyes rather than through a screen.

"I want to share something wonderful with you. Last year I met the most amazing woman. I realised I couldn't live without her. I asked her, she said yes, and a few days ago we married in New York City," he wrote to fans at the time.