Review: Decoupage Your Home by Fransie Snyman

Sarah Cohen reviews A Contemporary Guide to Transforming Everyday Objects: Decoupage Your Home by Fransie Snyman

At first glance you may not think that a craft such as decoupage is modern, so the title of this book, A Contemporary Guide to Transforming Everyday Objects: Decoupage Your Home, was intriguing.

Decoupage contemporary? Surely not.

However, as with many 1990 trends such as scrunchies, animal backpacks, chokers and velvet, there has been a decoupage comeback and within this is the approach known as upcycling.

As author Fransie Snyman describes, decoupage is a fun and easy way to transform just about anything as it works on a wide range of surfaces, from glass to fabric, plastic and wood.

In its simplest form, decoupage involves gluing paper onto everyday objects to embellish them, sometimes incorporating ideas and materials from various other crafts.

In this book you will discover start-to-finish guides, packed with technical know-how and stylish projects.

I particularly enjoyed the simple and effective tutorial on how to make a simple white candle (which I happened to have at home) into something special.

The instructions for this were easy to read, the photograph in the book was easy on the eye and the materials needed were easy on the budget.

There are more than 50 projects to choose from and the photography in this book makes it a wonderful coffee table book.

Snyman says that by combining traditional and new techniques with the huge variety of specialist products available today, there is no limit to what you can achieve. After reading this book and giving the candle project a go, I can recommend it for your craft club or home craft room.

Decoupage Your Home by Fransie Snyman is published by Metz Press