What's in style for SA weddings

Survey shows family tops the list for bride's big day

Image: Pexels

A South African wedding supplier has published the results of its survey showing that family tops the list of important elements for a bride’s big day – and that wedding venues rank higher than destination weddings.

In the survey conducted by online gift supplier Box Boutique SA, respondents selected a wedding venue as their preferred choice to celebrate their special day as opposed to the beach or bush.

Of the 1,052 survey participants, 945 of them were engaged to be married and of those, 813 selected a wedding venue as the place to say their "I Do’s" trumping a beach, bush or international destination.

Whether these results are budget-based are also up for question as although more than half of the respondents planned to spend up to R100,000 on their special day, 214 participants plan on spending up to R600,000 (heads up Dads)!


Summer is the clear winner ... to get hitched

A wonderfully humbling result from the engaged survey respondents is that just over a quarter of the brides polled list their family as being the most important part of their wedding.

This was followed by the 20% who say the wedding ceremony is the most important – and 12% are focused on being happy.

Summer is the clear winner as far as the preferred season to get hitched, with over half the respondents saying so, followed by 175 of the respondents choosing to get married in spring.

The colder month preferences proved a little surprising though, as 125 opted for a winter wedding as opposed to only 104 who have chosen to get married in the autumn months.

Green is the most popular wedding colour followed by white and blush pink.