Penny Lebyane calls BS on celebs 'hard work'

Penny Lebyane wants celebs to be more upfront about what or who foots the bill for their luxurious lives.
Penny Lebyane wants celebs to be more upfront about what or who foots the bill for their luxurious lives.
Image: Instagram/Penny Lebyane

Penny Lebyane is gatvol of celebrities that feed their fans the story that "hard work" is footing their bill for their fancy lifestyles when they are actually sponsored by "corrupt politicians and tenderpreneurs" behind the scenes.

Penny was shook by a post from one of her followers on Twitter, who shared how guys are now in the habit of renting drinks to look like they are balling at clubs and girls are renting weaves/wigs to fit in with the crowd.

The presenter went in hard with a subtweet that was directed at celebs, asking them to stop "lying" to the kids about how they are funding their Instagram-ready lives.

"Your role models are buying boobs, bums, bags, cars and houses funded by corrupt politicians, tenderpreuners etc. whilst holding no jobs or sense-making business; telling you to work hard for your dreams," Penny tweeted on Wednesday.

She said the "woke nation" kept going to extraordinary lengths to create an illusion.

Penny went on to engage with some of her followers and explained why the "selling of dreams" by celebs, whose fancy lifestyles didn't make sense financially, was a problem for her.

She called their antics "poisonous" to the kids looking up to them.

"Eish, that’s what I’m called neh? They are poisonous to our children. We don’t have enough capacity to deal with mental health, the system is not coping as it is. Besides abo gogo are asking me all the time ukuthi kanti Penny le industry yenu niyendzani."

Penny slammed them for their deceitful ways.

"I don’t even quote the Bible publicly anymore because, oh Lord, it’s abused to rubber stamp the BS, especially by the lot. They quote Jesus, Mandela, and Oprah and still lie, then throw 'Love and Light' for good measure. I’m no fave just to sober for the BS and see through it," Penny tweeted.

While the subtweet may have been aimed at no one in particular, Twitter was quick to pick up on the tea she was serving and as always they ran with it.