Comeback? What comeback? The Muffinz say they've never flopped

The Muffinz are aware of their unique factor and they won't let it go.
The Muffinz are aware of their unique factor and they won't let it go.
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Over five years since the band with the "funky name" claimed its space in the music industry, The Muffinz are ready to leave losing a band member and negative reviews, to get people talking again.

The band have gone through a lot since they burst onto the mainstream music scene but prioritised music over everything else.

The Ghetto hitmakers recently had a chat with TshisaLIVE, reflecting on milestones and looking into the crystal ball for an exciting adventure that lies ahead.

You guys set the bar for all-male, authentically African bands. Has that put pressure on you to maintain a certain standard?

No, no pressure. We must just be who we are and adjust maybe just a little because younger people are looking up to us, perhaps. But we don't by any means intend to set a standard, except that of being in a band and building trust amongst musicians to create a product that can exist further and benefit everyone.

The dynamic of the band changed when you lost one member, how has that changed the music ?

Change happens and is constant. It is just, perhaps, that rate at which change happens may cause ripples in this experience. There were many factors as well that could have given us clues that a band member would eventually leave. But what matters is that there are those still here to continue the music. And it was a lesson, of course. An experience, at the very least. It happened.

You've said you're not as invested in making "radio hits" as opposed to just making just music, why's that?

We've recently created a song specifically to attract a younger audience, infusing digital sounds and electric keys. This is because we need to make sure our music gets to the people. It's hard to do that if they do not have interest in us.

What has been some of the biggest changes in your lives personally?

We've grown. Some have gotten married and started families. There are also side projects were involved in individually. And of course, our business Aural Sense entertainment is growing and finding partners in Velaphi "V the Vowel" Mamphela of Ducklike Studios.

So perhaps you could say we're learning about love and business blues.

Do these changes reflect in the music?

We are our music. So, yes, of course.

Are you happy with where you are as a band?

Before we're off to Sxsw in Texas, we have a few performances starting with Thursday, Hard Rock Cafe located in Sandton Mandela Square.  We're recently celebrated our eighth birthday and are playing a date night with The Muffinz on the 14th of February at World of Yamaha. 

What are you excited about this year for the band?

We're most excited about recalling the music of younger people we've been working with.

Is this where you thought you would be?

Expectations hurt and often biased to information we have available to us at the time. Experience teaches you lessons because you can ever only learn what you don't know. So no, we're not where we thought we'd be but exactly where we need to be at this juncture.

We're learning. And we're still here making music and the shows still selling out is a bonus. We've created a world, and there The Muffinz rule. Though it is the music which reigns Supreme.