Moneoa slams Masechaba Ndlovu for claims that she 'condemned' her on radio

Songstress Moneoa made it clear that she's not a "weakling".
Songstress Moneoa made it clear that she's not a "weakling".
Image: Via Instagram

In a now-deleted lengthy post, songstress Moneoa came out guns blazing against radio personality Masechaba Ndlovu, accusing her attacking of her character.

Moneoa explained that, while she understood that the nature of her career meant she would have to fend off tabloid reports and sensationalism, she did not expect to have her name "tarnished" by people she looked up to.

Masechaba allegedly made comments about Moneoa as part of the entertainment headlines segment of her Metro FM radio show, which she co-hosts with Mo Flava. Masechaba read a portion of an article Sunday Sun had published about Moneoa allegedly having been nabbed for driving under the influence.

Moneoa said she would not let people drag her over "fickle rumours".

"Here's what's hurt me... some people that I consider my role models, people who I've opened up my life and home to and vice versa? People I've embraced as family, people I've travelled with, shared birthdays and special occasions with... People who I have genuine love and respect for, would rather disparage my name, judging and condemning me on radio, as opposed to picking the phone and calling me," Moneoa wrote.

In a now-deleted tweet, Masechaba responded to Moneoa after she had been fingered and tagged by a tweep in support of Moneoa's anger. She asked the tweep to get her facts straight and said that she was just doing her mandated duties on the show.

"Mo Flava and I quoted a publication, as per mandate. That Metro FM feature is based on entertainment news making headlines," Masechaba said.

Since deleting the post, Moneoa has only left remnants of her letter on Twitter.

The pair haven't said anything more to each other publicly, but judging by the deleted social media post, they may have spoken behind the scenes.

Read the rest of Moneoa's letter below.