Bay designer’s gowns are showstoppers

Guest star soprano Liske Hemingway sings ‘How Are Things In Glocca Morra’ in a green gown made by Johan Wolmarans
Guest star soprano Liske Hemingway sings ‘How Are Things In Glocca Morra’ in a green gown made by Johan Wolmarans

In 2002, Bay fashion designer Johan Wolmarans, who had then been operating his studio for just two years, first offered to provide some costuming for the then ninth annual Showtime young talent revue.

His contributions included 15 original gowns for the teenage female cast members, while guest star Candice von Litsenborgh wore an amazing dark blue gown of his.

Now patrons at the 29th revue, the Woodland Dairy Showtime 2019: Those Were the Days, are again able to see his talent for costuming in the two gorgeous, pale blue dresses for core cast members Danielle Viljoen and Keryn Gillham in one of the lesser-performed Hello Dolly numbers, Elegance.

Not to be outdone, the third core cast female member, Kristin Labuschagne, wears a breathtaking black dress, with gold appliques and a train, for her big solo, People, in the Barbra Streisand salute in the show, which looks at music and comedy from 1960s Broadway and Hollywood hits.

Guest soprano Liske Hemingway’s delicate evening gown in her opening number also matches the quality of her rendition of the Mame ballad, If He Walked Into My Life, to a T. And her introduction to the medley from the musical Finian’s Rainbow, with How Are Things in Glocca Morra, sees her clad in a beautiful, emerald green showstopper.

Wolmarans’s association with Showtime began in 2002 when Mariette Schreuder, then costumes consultant, invited him to participate from his fledgling design studio. This time, being a longtime pal of booking agent Phrosné Phillips whose singer-dancer daughter Skye was in her second Showtime in 2018, Phillips invited him to see the show with his wife, makeup artist Kalinka.

They so enjoyed it that, afterwards, he suggested to Phillips to tell Showtime’s Bob Eveleigh that he would very much like to help on the 2019 Sixties-themed revue.

Showtime’s Senior Awards ceremony takes place on Friday February 1 at 7pm and the final revue night is Saturday February 2 at 7.30pm.

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