Where were the parents?– US star Da Brat says she won’t #MuteRKelly

Da Brat gives her thoughts on sexual assault claims against her friend R Kelly.
Da Brat gives her thoughts on sexual assault claims against her friend R Kelly.
Image: Brian Stukes/WireImage

American rapper Da Brat has weighed in on swirling allegations of sexual assault against US muso R Kelly, questioning where the alleged victim's parents were at the time of the incident. She further stated that she would not join protests to "mute" the star's music.

R Kelly has been the topic of conversation globally since the debut of docu-series Surviving R Kelly earlier this month. The series is based on decades-long allegations of sexual abuse against the star and features over 50 interviews with women who allege to have been sexually and physically abused by the singer.

It sparked a massive global campaign to boycott the singer and his music under the hashtag #MuteRKelly, with dozens of local and international celebs throwing their weight behind the boycotts.

Da Brat told TMZ at the Trumpet Awards in Atlanta recently that she would be giving the boycotts a miss.

"I can't stop listening to the music. Never will I stop listening to the music. I may not buy it anymore but it's already on the playlists," she said.

Da Brat grew up with R Kelly and the pair apparently even moved in the same social circles. When asked about her thoughts on the claims against R Kelly, Da Brat said she was conflicted. 

"That's a rough one. I do think he needs help. I love him. I grew up with him. He's kind of like family. I've never seen him do anything bad but I don't believe these people are lying," Brat added.

She also questioned where the alleged victims' parents were.

"At the same time, where is the parents? I think he needs help for sure. I love him. I hope he don't get mad at me. And I think the parents need to take responsibility. Where is your 14-year-old child? Why are you there? There's something wrong with that."