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Ways to stay healthy this winter

Summer bodies really are made in winter

The old adage has never rung more true – summer bodies really are made in winter!

Despite the constant need to fill our bodies with creamy curries and soups, winter provides us with a unique opportunity to sculpture and mould the perfect summer physique (all while hiding under your favourite track pants and hoody!).

Here’s a few relatively easy ways to stay at the top of the fitness reward chart throughout the cold months. Your medical aid will thank you for it!

  • Plan your meals ahead of time, or let someone else do it for you

In today’s world, busy schedules, demanding children and overtime at the office means that the countless hours spent planning, shopping and cooking are a thing of the distant past. People young and old are looking for a healthy, quick and nutritious meal option.

  • Work out directly before or after work

We all know the truth: if you get to the couch after work, the chances are that you’re not getting out from under the blanket, especially not to hit the gym.

Take the opportunity on your way to the office, or on your way home to get some sweating in.

  • Buddy Up

When you commit to meeting a friend at the swimming pool or in the gym, the likelihood of fulfilling your exercise quota for the day increases tenfold.

In addition, you can treat yourself to a coffee session with said buddy straight afterwards.

  • Let your diet support your immune system

One of the main reasons that exercise programmes and diets fail in the winter months is the onset of illness.

Eating different kinds of foods is important if you want to get all the vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients various fruits, vegetables, and proteins offer.

It’s also important to be aware of where your food is coming from.

Local fruit and vegetables that have been left to fully ripen in the sun and soil have better flavour and are richer in nutrients, making your cooking experience that much more flavoursome and healthy.

Food grown outside of seasons need a lot more human assistance in the form of pesticides and preservatives to look appealing to customers.

  • Give yourself a goal!

Entering a race is a wonderful motivator to keep fit, and healthy.

It doesn’t have to be a marathon – just a simple 10km run will do the job.

If you need help identifying the right one visit https://runningraces.co.za/

  • Make your social life more active

Try meeting your mates in a park for a 30-minute power walk instead of just heading to a bar or coffee shop.

Of course once your walk is done, you can safely indulge in the (healthy) meal out.