Skinnerbek | In fast and fancy lane at PE races

‘Rent’ also one of hottest tickets

Sibabalwe Ngewu, left, Liz Yates and Nkosinathi Rodrigues were at the opening of ‘Rent The Musical’ at Pemads Little Theatre on Wednesday
Sibabalwe Ngewu, left, Liz Yates and Nkosinathi Rodrigues were at the opening of ‘Rent The Musical’ at Pemads Little Theatre on Wednesday
Image: Brian Witbooi

Last Saturday, your favourite gossip girl attended the World Sports Betting East Cape Derby at Fairview Racecourse, where fashion, flair and food were the order of the day.

Listen, who needs to save up and wait for the Durban July when you can get the vibes in the Bay in May? Not your Skinners.

Peeps in the VIP area were dressed to the nines and because your Skinners expected it and didn’t exactly want to look ashy, she cleaned up pretty well herself.

Ok, let’s address the big elephant in the room . . . I didn’t go there for the horse racing, I went for everything else, from the food, fashion and to get a couple of snaps for the Gram (Instagram), just like more than half the people who go to the Durban July.

There were, however, a couple of folk such as Reuann Smith from Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism who were pretty interested in the horse betting, even winning an amount of money which she said was not big but made her happy anyway. At least they walked away with something more than extra kilos around the waist – unlike some of us.

While there weren’t many familiar faces, I did spot our current Mr PE, John-Paul Raper, looking hella fine as always. I also heard Miss South Africa, who was expected to be there, couldn’t make it after losing a relative. Condolences to her and the family.

Because Skinners enjoys a good vibe and some good music on a Sunday, she went to the Unplugged Sunday Sessions at Posh Lounge (yes, I’m a regular there), where there were no disappointments at all.

One of the highlights of the night was when selected booze was selling at half price. You know Skinnners loves a good bargain but the flooded bar was proof everyone else loves one just as much. It was like Black Friday on a Sunday, I tell you.
One of the Bay’s few woman instrumentalists, Ntlantla Swana, who will put on her first solo show Stepping Stone at the Opera House on Wednesday, was also there to give us a taste of what to expect.

The sister sure does a good job and if her song Awungowami is anything to go by, the show is going to be very relatable.

This week’s hottest ticket was for Wednesday’s opening of Rent, The Musical – the new Robin Williams/Pemads production.

My minions report it was packed and that audience members rocked up in diamanté, pearls and furs.

The likes of our mayor Athol Trollip and his missus; businesswoman Jane Stevenson; Hlubi Hewitt-Coleman, whose son Litha was one of the stars on stage; and “Mrs Claw” (Carole Law) were all there.

I’m told it’s a superb production; among the very best seen on a local stage in some years.

Ciao my darlings, and don’t let the royal wedding telly time suck up too much of your weekend!