Snap-happy Valentine’s gift

Just Ella Bella blogger Eleanor Douglas-Meyers shares a DIY last minute gift idea for Valentine's Day

It is Valentine’s day and I thought I would help you out with a last-minute gift idea. This is perfect for the camera enthusiast in your life, especially one with a flare for fashion.

I made scarf camera strap as a birthday gift for one of my closest friends quite a while ago and it she loved it so much I just had to share.

To make the scarf camera strap, you will need like three things and not even a lot of patience. You will need a scarf, key ring rings (no clue what those are called in real life) and needle and thread.

How to: You will need to look at the pictures pretty carefully to make sense of it all:

1. Put the scarf through the ring;

2. Double-knot scarf around ring (this is extremely important as cameras are expensive!);

3. Pull excess fabric through on ends;

4. Fold the excess over and into the rest of the scarf;

5. Sew the scarf to hide excess material.


It can be used on its own or to hide the original strap.