Don’t ditch your New Year ‘reset button’

Just Ella Bella blogger Eleanor Douglas-Meyers actually likes all the “New Year, New Me” resolutions that pop up at the start of January. I like all the “New Year, New Me” things! There, I said it, I actually do.

Judging by my social media feed, however, I am in the minority when it comes to this, as most people seem to find resolutions really annoying and could not roll their eyes any further if they physically tried.

I like it though and here is why: New Year is like a reset button

  • I love the feeling of possibility that comes with a new year and the “I CAN DO THIS” spirit;
  • I feel the same about Mondays, actually, as they are also yet another chance to do better;
  • There are so many new beginnings that maybe this year you’ll take the short course you’ve been looking at, or join that club or team;
  • Maybe this year you will stick to that diet or wear gym clothes for more than a fashion statement.
Healthy living seems possible
  • Gyms are once again full of people wanting to give it a go and that’s awesome;
  • I realise the real gym people (those who used dumbbells as rattles in the crib) are super-irritated by the newbies hanging out around the gym, but I think it’s cool;
  • Lunch boxes are filled with health food and water bottles are all the rage again, and that’s a start, I think.
New stationery
  • I’m grown and married with a kid, bills, the lot – but new stationery makes me really happy;
  • A new year means a new diary, some markers, maybe a dry erase board;
  • I don’t really NEED new stationery but you know what, I deserve a gel pen!
This year my resolution is to be kinder to myself – that was actually the topic of one of my previous columns (check the archives).

This year I want to give myself some down time. I’m not taking on as much as I used to, so I am scheduling a day off here and there and I even bought new running shoes (they will be used as walking shoes, let’s be honest).

There are many changes on the horizon and I’m optimistic! What are you optimistic about? See more from about this crafty Uitenhage mum on DIY, parenting, natural hair care, fashion, food and fun on her blog