Recipe: low-carb vegetable kebabs

Summer is braai time but make sure to balance out the meat, pap and bread with lighter and healthier vegetable dishes. A green salad is not your only option!

This recipe for vegetable kebabs is from The Diet Everyone Talks About “Eat Slim” cookery book, which aims to help keep you in shape for summer. The recipe makes six kebabs.

Vegetable kebabs Ingredients 6 cherry tomatoes or 2 firm larger tomatoes, quartered 1 large green pepper, cut into large pieces 12 button mushrooms, fairly big, soaked in boiling water for a while 6 small onions, cooked in microwave for three minutes 6 broccoli florets 6 pineapple pieces 6 skewers

Marinade sauce: 50ml canola oil or olive oil 50ml lemon juice To taste: Salt and freshly ground black pepper Method Marinade vegetables in the in marinade sauce for 1 hour. Soak skewers in water for 30 minutes (this helps prevent them from burning while the kebabs are cooking).

Preheat oven to grill (if cooking in the oven).

Drain and place all the ingredients alternatively onto the six skewers.

Grill the veggie-sticks for 10 minutes. Turn frequently. Baste with marinade sauce. Serve immediately.