Green monster soup for winter

Eleanor Douglas-Meyers is a crafty mom from Uitenhage who writes about DIY, parenting, natural hair care, fashion, food and fun on her blog Today she tells you how to make green monster soup that even your little monsters will eat.

It’s winter, which is foodie for SOUP TIME. When I make this soup for my nieces and nephews I tell them it is monster soup, because it’s green and the word monster makes everything more edible when you are under eight years old.

What it really is, is pea soup made from good old frozen peas.

I saw something similar on food network and made some adjustments based on the "whatever I have in the cupboard" rule and it turned out super yum. Ingredients 3 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1 heaped teaspoon of crushed garlic and ginger 1 half spoon of crushed chilli flakes 1kg frozen peas 800–900ml chicken or vegetable stock 5g flash dried coriander pinch of sugar salt and pepper to taste Method 1. Heat the olive oil in a heavy-based pot over a medium-low heat. Sweat the onion, garlic and chilli with the lid on until softened.

2. Add peas and sweat with the lid on for 15 minutes.

3. Add most of the coriander (reserve a few good-looking leaves for garnish) and the stock. Bring to a simmer.

4. Add the sugar and blitz with a hand-held blender until smooth.

5. Season and serve after garnishing with some coriander for that made for TV look. I also add a cup of water to thin it out a bit.

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