Here's how Somizi does it

[caption id="attachment_193994" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Somizi Mhlongo Picture: Jackie Clausen[/caption]

You think entertainer Somizi  Mhlongo is just “lucky” in life? You think that he hangs out with the right people and gets free champagne? Ja‚ we see you!

He may be rolling in the Louis Vuitton‚ but those 50k bags ain’t cheap folks. And here’s a taste of Somizi’s day that pays the bills.

It’s Monday morning and while most of us were sending text messages to our boss about traffic because of the weather

Somizi was up at 5.30am.

He was working out at 5.30am and was at the SABC doing his Metro show by 8am.

Then he had to rush off to film his reality show until 1.30pm.

Somgaga then made is way to Clarens to MC a gala dinner and had to wake up at 3am to make his radio shift for today.

So‚ how’s your King Pie?