Boity supports #FeesMustFall

With public sentiment seeming to shift towards students returning to lectures so they can finish the academic year‚ their campaign for free education got a boost from glamorous celebrity Boity Thulo. The actress and presenter‚ who revealed in June that she was graduating as a traditional healer‚ took to Twitter on Tuesday to support the#feesmustfall case. “#FreeEducation2017 #EducationisNOTaPriviledge” she told her 1-million followers. This is not the first time Thulo has publicly supported the students protesting for #FeesMustFall. In October last year‚ she disclosed that she had to drop out of university because of the cost. She had enrolled at Monash University where she did first and second year towards a psychology and criminology degree. “My career is by God’s grace. After my 2nd year in Uni‚ I had to drop out because my mother didn’t have the money to pay for 3rd year‚” she tweeted then. She added‚ “It’s simple ... just give what is rightfully ours – FREE EDUCATION! #FeesMustFall”.–src=twsrc%5Etfw Tuesday’s endorsement of the student campaign by Thulo comes amid growing sentiment on social media platforms that protesters should resume their studies to prepare for examinations. Government has appealed to parents and civil society to encourage students to engage in their efforts to discuss whether tertiary education can be fully funded.