Ruffle fashion feathers

[gallery type="columns" size="full" ids="175216,175210,175211,175212,175213,175214,175215,175217,175218,175219,175221,175222,175223,175224,175239"] Wear a frill to thrill Ruffles have moved out off the playground of bridesmaids, little girls, gypsies and grannies and onto the high fashion ramp.

Designers at Milan, New York and London Fashion Week have been ruffling up their silhouettes this season by adding this embellishment left, right and centre to the spring/summer ranges.

In South Africa, designers focussed on black and white in several ranges, with design detail providing textural interest. Gert Johan-Coetzee and Heart and Heritage used winter white in fitted one-shoulder pants suits, while Rubicon went back to basic black for its autumn/winter preview at Hyde Park last week.

Its use extended from blouses through to dresses and even shoes, with many designers adding ruffle accents to sleeves and collars. Several also incorporated another of the season’s trends for “cold shoulder” cut-out sleeves into designs that also featured ruffles.

Prada and Gucci both wore their ruffles on their sleeves, and big names like Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino and Alexander McQueen also are flouncing into the next season. Fendi’s skirts, tops and shoes all had ruffles and several designers also combined ruffles, lace and leather to create an array of dark and romantic dresses.