Property: Spotlight on Lorraine

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If you are looking to be part of a community, Lorraine is the place to stay, residents say. It is said to be the type of area where people look out for each other, and meeting at the local park for a play date is still a popular pastime.

Lorraine, along with Theescombe and Sherwood, is one of the newer suburbs in the city and one of the fastest growing.

With a multitude of large family homes and a growing number of townhouse complexes, Lorraine offers diverse living, ideal for all – from the young and just starting out, to the more established family or individual.

Driving through the streets of Lorraine, especially on weekends, you are struck by a feeling of old-school suburbia.

Here you will come across cyclists and runners passing by people working in the garden, walking their dogs or visiting the park.

Residents attribute the level of comfort and safety to an extremely active neighbourhood watch. The community is very alert and the Facebook group for the neighbourhood watch is quick to respond to any problems. The closed Facebook group is also extremely selective with whom is allowed on the page, making sure that people accepted are really part of the community.

One of the biggest draw cards in the area is how self-sufficient it is, with residents saying they don’t need to leave the area if they don’t want to. This is due to the proximity to shopping centres, schools and popular hangouts such as the German Club.

Annual events like the Lorraine Cycle Tour, the German Club’s Oktoberfest and the Baby and Family Festival add to the feeling of community in Lorraine.

Other advantages are the area’s proximity to Seaview and Sardinia Bay, as well as the Kragga Kamma Game Park and the Seaview Predator Park where you will find animals including lions and tigers. Buying in Lorraine: The monthly bond repayment to purchase a typical property in Lorraine, namely a three-bedroom townhouse, with the median asking price of R1,033m, is R10,313 per month over 20 years at prime of 10,5% with no deposit. Annual events: PE Riding Club Autumn Show (March) Lorraine Cycle Tour (September) German Club Oktoberfest (October) Aspen PE City Marathon (December) Schools nearby: Lorraine Primary School Amadeus Independent School Goldwater Preparatory School