People's story slam

A new spoken word event for Port Elizabeth, the People's Story Slam, will be held on Friday, August 19, at the Athenaeum in Central.

"The People's Story Slam is 10 people telling a story from their life based around a theme. This month's theme is 'Perception'," said event organiser John Lombardo.

The idea behind a Story Slam is that individual stories will be judged, with a winner each month. Winners will then compete for an annual prize.

In future, he said, a theme would be announced a month ahead of time and people would submit their name if they are interested in sharing a five-minutes story from their life pertaining to the theme.

The evening of the Story Slam, 10 names will be drawn from a hat at random and they will be the story tellers for the evening.

He said the story tellers for this first event were already selected "just to give folks an idea" of what they could expect. The slam is at 6 for 6.30pm, until around 8.30pm.

More information from Lombardo,