Let’s get physical

Think about being chased by a rabid dog, Hiit expert says

WHEN it comes to High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit), which consists of short bursts of intensive activity followed by short periods of recovery, fitness experts say the harder the push, the greater the reward.

Hiit can blast calories, build muscle and boost endurance with impressive efficiency in just 20 minutes a day, but the catch is finding the right level of intensity outside the comfort zone, fitness trainers say.

Sean Bartram, author of the book “High Intensity Interval Training for Women,” said to find that level people should think about what it is like being chased by a rabid dog. “It’s just below that,” he said. “To gain maximum benefits you have to push your body to a place that’s almost uncomfortable.”

The American College of Sports Medicine predicts Hiit will be a top fitness trend this year. Bartram said people are drawn to it for its efficiency and almost endless variety of exercises.

The bursts can be sprinting or spot jumps and the recovery can be rests or slower paced movements, he said.